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2011-09-27 13:32:52 by R-o-X-a-S

My new project, dedicated to the wonderful ppl at the International Final Fantasy Alliance


BOOM Headshot!

2011-09-07 02:27:17 by R-o-X-a-S

To celebrate Halo Combat Evolved Aniversary im making a combat evolved sprite flash where Master Chief storms a covenant outpost on instalation 04 (yes this is on halo combat evolved) anyway since im new to flash i need help/tips and maybe tutorials, and if u want to help with the flash plz inbox me XD

BOOM Headshot!


2011-07-25 12:17:45 by R-o-X-a-S

Check the hedgehog out! (Burst is Shadow from an alternate dimension)

Art ea09bd9f671ab612fc1757196957d8

Sprite Sheet 2595c67fa5499d52834fed975051ae


2011-07-23 14:48:58 by R-o-X-a-S

Check out me and iamhyper11's sprite sheet here ltimate-the-Hedgehog-244223944


2011-07-12 14:18:02 by R-o-X-a-S

I was bored so I made a bio of myself for Newgrounds. Check it out below and tell me what you think...


Newgrounds: Dawn of a New Day

2011-07-11 21:30:39 by R-o-X-a-S

YAY!!!! I finally got a Newgrounds account, and i am a very big n00b, but I will figure it out :)